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frula’s stickers

some time ago I made those crappy stickers which I decalled in few places in my strange country, Poland, basically in Wrocław, the meeting (fucking) place. I’m afraid they’re not there any more, so I want to endure them here, at least for a while.

say „hello!” to the frula’s stickers! („hello, suckersss!”)

this is my favorite one. forever in dept for the priceless help of Esra Roise

the picture of that sweet ribbon isn’t of course mine, but I can’t remember whose it is. sorry…

this is the best of the best!!! photo made by Ahndraya Parlato (polaroid)

and now! tamtarrarrrraaaaaamtaaaaaam! my own stickers in two variants! with my photo from the last holiday. with the sea :)



odgrzewane. prosto z pieca


charles bukowski


the illusion is that you are simply
reading this poem.
the reality is that this is
more than a
this is a beggar’s knife.
this is a tulip.
this is a soldier marching
through Madrid.
this is you on your
death bed.
this is Li Po laughing
this is not a god-damned
this is a horse asleep.
a butterfly in
your brain.
this is the devil’s
you are not reading this
on a page.
the page is reading
feel it?
it’s like a cobra. it’s a hungry eagle circling the room.

this is not a poem. poems are dull,
they make you sleep.

these words force you
to a new

you have been blessed, you have been pushed into a
blinding area of

the elephant dreams
with you
the curve of space
bends and

you can die now.
you can die now as
people were meant to
hearing the music,
being the music,


{mysterious letters}

I remember when I was a child and I fell in love with a boy from the neighbourhood. I was leaving him sweet letters with hearts and poems next to his doors. I always dreaming of a day when he would do the same… but it never happened (maybe that’s the reason why I’m so lonely person in the crowd now – I missed my only & true love! ^.^). But, the point is that, as usual, the things are circulating in the air and some of the ideas which we have in our minds and which we don’t have time to put into practice come back to us in some strange or funny circumstances. Once I invented a great art project based on sending love letters to people I know they were alone or unhappy. I didn’t do it, of course – another idee fixe, conceptual and non-formal.
So, today I found a similar project on the web: Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton in April 2006 sent a personal, handwritten letter to each of the 467 households in the small Irish village of Cushendall. They hoped these unsolicited letters would prompt neighbourly discussion, spreading across the town, promoting community curiosity.The art work consists solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.
I love the idea! Here is one of the letters:

ups! i did it again ;)

Maggot (after an intervention of fina_gelatina)

art in the box

A condensed art. In a form of the thumbnail. In the box… or in the suitcase. The greatest way to travel with art and to have it always by your side. It could seem weird and totally impossible to realize, but the reality is, as usual, so close to our dreams that sometimes it slighly pulls away our imagination. And it isn’t nothing new that Marcel Duchamp was the one who invented the idea of a modern Wunderkammern, a cabinet of wonders. His concept was quite simple: put the artworks in miniatures to the wooden box with the aim to roast the art market and the whole process of the institutionalization and the control of art. It was called Boite en Valise and set the form of a complex and, at the same time, self-referenced, artwork - let’s say a contemporary conceptual Gesamtkunstwerk (CCG !!!).

Boite en Valise. 1936
Another significant piece of art on that field of interests was Merzbau made by Kurt Schwitters which we can relate with the works of a polish young artist, Monika Sosnowska. The concept was „a bit” (sic!) different but the point was the same – to create an art unity in one piece, to make something unmitigated, absolute and total. That’s the total war in art. I’m ecstatic!


Monika Sosnowska.
Tired Room

And the last, but not least: Museum of Drawers made by Herbert Distel who actuated as a curator and gathered works of Jospeh Beuys, Sol LeWitt, John Cage, John Baldessari, Valie Export, Marcel Broodthaers, Lawrenece Weiner and Alan Kaprow, between others, in one cupboard. The museum is converted here in an artifact and forms a piece of art combined with other artworks of famous artists. A conceptual Wunderkammern which we can compare with a doll-house, which was the base for the creation of the Apolonia Art Gallery. The main concept here is the idea of a open form elaborated by Oskar Hansen.

Museum of Drawers

Doll-house :)

Apolonia Art Gallery
: six cubes for the gallery-game

A similar artwork was made in the group Art & Language: Index 01.

Index 01

Today Claudio Parmiggiani is famous for his works which „tease” the art-world.

Claudio Parmiggiani. L’Isola del Silenzi. 2006

i still hope…

If there is something that I might find
Look around corners
Try to find peace of mind I say
Where would you go if you were me
Try to keep a straight course not easy
Somebody special looking at me
A certain reaction we find
What should it try to be I mean
If there are many
Meaning the same
Be specific just a game

{Roxy Music – If there is something}

sometimes I try to make the world pink
fot.: Nitka*

Nadzieja bywa, jeżeli ktoś wierzy,
że ziemia nie jest snem, lecz żywym ciałem,
I że wzrok, dotyk ani słuch nie kłamie.
A wszystkie rzeczy, które tutaj znałem,
Są niby ogród, kiedy stoisz w bramie.

Wejść tam nie można. Ale jest na pewno.
Gdybyśmy lepiej i mądrzej patrzyli,
Jeszcze kwiat nowy i gwiazdę niejedną
W ogrodzie świata byśmy zobaczyli.

Niektórzy mówią, że nas oko łudzi
I że nic nie ma, tylko się wydaje,
Ale ci właśnie nie mają nadziei.

Myślą, że kiedy człowiek się odwróci,
Cały świat za nim zaraz być przestaje,
Jakby porwały go ręce złodziei.

Czesław Miłosz ::: ŚWIAT (Poema naiwne)

what can you do when the curtain falls


oh! i’m really moved… 
thank you. i love you until you make me fly.

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