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Piotr Saul ::: Wystawa Nowoczesna

Piotr Saul

painting & graphics
7 – 31 . 10 . 2011

Saul in short, i.e.  the world of techno-types from comic books in technicolor – overpopulated canvases, devoured by an overflow of energy – motives from the aesthetics of cartoons and youth movies from the 90′ – disturbing  the dullness – rejecting the prettiness.

MODERNITY 100% – we laugh at it but after all it is still so colorful and charming…

vernissage: 7th Oct 2011, 7 pm


WORKSHOP. tv has a screen

Wojciech Kielar
WORKSHOP. tv has a screen

8 – 30 . 09 . 2011

the image becomes translucent
(E. Gombrich)

Kielar’s paintings play with the form and the medium: huge formats come next to the miniature pieces, puns show up blended into expressive brushstrokes. His paintings, colonized by organic shapes transformed into ‘painted geometries’, seem to imitate magnified photographies of some microscopic objects.

Unless he treats the work of a painter frivolously, he makes an effort to remind us we can perceive things differently than they seemingly appear to us.

I like

inviting – 16.06.2011, 19:00, CK Agora Gallery

Acerrimas feras umbra et vox et odor insolitus exagitat; quidquid terret, et trepidat

the opening – tomorrow – 19th May 2011 – 19.00
Piotr  Adam Flądro + Kamil Stańczak - two polish young artists who (I hope) we will see soon in the wider context (I mean, worldwidely).

feel free to pass by 
(yeah, I know no one reads it but… whatever)
Kamil Stańczak

LOKATORZY /// exhibition

it will be an exhibition of three young & beautiful girls: Natalia, Marta and Basia. they will create a room-space in the gallery filling it with objects of art: paintings, installations and sculptures. 

Kasia Walentynowicz + Gosia Herba = MädchenGarten

::: OPENING ::: 24th of March 2011 !!! 

CK AGORA, Wrocław, Poland. The exhibition will be open till 18th of April.

Structures of Forgetting

Jacek Doroszenko + Ewa DoroszenkoCK AGORA Gallery, 22nd of Februray – 21st of MArch 2011:

{experimental photos and live-act}

43% organic. 67% synthetic

the 27th of January of 2011 the exhibition of minimal sculpture & painting will be opened at 6 p.m. the authors are: sculptor – Łukasz Cendrowski (www.lukaszcendrowski.pl) + painter – Grzegorz Gdula (waiting for his official site, coming soon hopefully). 

Jacek Kołodziejski NIEWYGODNIE

I am proud to announce the exhibition I organize. the opening will take place in CK AGORA, Wrocław, on Wednesday, 1st December 2010. ZAPRASZAM /// INVITING —

crap, you missed it?!

if you did (and surely you DID), here you can see the movie from the SYNESTHESIA FESTIVAL an regret you were not there when I was there without you. enjoy the moment now on:

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